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Working with Brook - and her associates - made a very difficult and emotional process seem less intimidating because I knew I had a diligent and extremely professional advocate in my corner. She was poised yet assertive in the courtroom and really helped me feel at ease throughout the entire legal process. I appreciated her communication via email, she was always timely and thorough in our exchanges, and available when I needed to speak with her in person or by phone. I also appreciated her attention to detail when presenting me with invoices. She accounted for each minute and hour, as opposed to other attorneys who just send a bill with “3 hours” and a charge. I will consider Brook my attorney for life, and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a reliable, ethical, professional and friendly attorney.
— Sondra M.

Brook is everything you want in a lawyer. She is tough and incredibly bright. She’s a great listener. She knows the law inside and out. And, most importantly to me, she is kind. I know from experience Brook is passionate about family law and environmental law, but she seems passionate about the law period. She’s one of those rare people who knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up, worked really hard, made it happen, and continues to live it every day.

Brook assisted me through a prenuptial agreement. It was tense for me at the beginning because I had never gone through the process before. Brook immediately made me feel at ease. I felt supported, not only for the drafting and initial singing of the agreement, but down the road. If anything comes up, I know she will be the right person to have as a legal advocate. I feel protected. You can’t put a dollar amount on that feeling.

I fully recommend Brook. On a scale of one to five stars, she deserves six.
— Tony L.
Brook is a fantastic attorney. From day 1, she showed genuine care for us and our situation. Brook helped us focus on the most important outcome: the welfare of our children. She works efficiently, is approachable, responsive, and super sharp, while at the same time she took time to make sure we were ok throughout the whole process. She is amazing to watch in court! If only I had her help when I went through my divorce four years ago. Some background: my wife and I have been dealing with an extremely difficult custody timeshare and co-parenting situation with my ex for years. We’ve been patient through all the drama and kept a paper trail. My ex was not willing to go to mediation and flaunted the MSA with disregard for any consequence. Brook helped us understand what we should and shouldn’t tolerate and engaged calmly with the other side despite diatribes, lies, avoidance, and a general lack of cooperation. Brook kept us prepared for court and ultimately won us a better custody arrangement than what we’d hoped for. The children are extremely happy and we don’t have to waste all of our time dealing with the drama.
— Frank Chang

I’ve never worked with a lawyer before Brook...and now I never want to work with anyone but her! She made all of the scary stuff not so scary and was exceptionally responsive, articulate and understanding. She has become an invaluable resource for me and my company. I really can’t say enough about how fabulous my experience has been.
— Megan Clark
Professional, yet personable... intelligent, insightful and informative. These are the words I would use to describe Brook Meakins. As my attorney, she was always available to answer my questions - with confidence, knowledge and finesse. In the courtroom, I was proud to have her representing me as she was never frazzled, always collected - and very quick with a keen idea or response. Brook and her adept team will definitely be my first call in the future, should the need ever arise again.
— Dave M.

Words cannot express the pleasure I had working with Brook. I was thoroughly impressed with her work. She kept billable time low while doing all the necessary things to be effective. She also kept me informed during all phases of the work. First, I was a little bit skeptical because I knew attorneys bill for their time. However, I was very surprised that my total bill was less than what she originally quoted! Brook definitely exceeded my expectations!
— Jerry Ho

I married the man of my dreams after a committed seven year relationship in the most beautiful beach front South Lake Tahoe wedding. Even prior to our marriage, we enjoined or professional and family lives; partnered well to raise children; traveled, worked out, dined, slept, played, cried and rejoiced together. Four years later my world came crashing down around me and I found myself in the midst of a very contentious divorce with a man I still loved but felt like I barely knew based on his then current behavior. After six months of going it alone and getting nowhere, I accepted that an amicable out of court settlement was a figment of my imagination and reluctantly sought legal assistance. The attorneys I interviewed did not seem to get me and that I wanted to do no harm. I simply sought a fair settlement.

I was sitting in court one day waiting for my name to be called for a hearing and Brook Meakins appeared before the court on another case. Her demeanor/appearance was professional, her words competent, her delivery firm but her disposition remained kind. I was immediately impressed—so much so I followed her out of the courtroom to inquire about having her represent me in my case. The rest is history. Everything that Meakins claims on its introductory page is true to the letter. The team listens. The approach is collaborative driven by your desired outcome. They understand what you are going through and offer a compassionate approach to what will most likely line up with one of life’s most undesirable events. I get that divorce is unpleasant. However, when managed by knowledgeable and capable legal professionals like Meakins Law, navigating the process is made significantly less stressful for you. Brook Meakins, David Worsham and the Meakins team picked up my case in mid-stream, aligned with my stated desired outcome and developed a strong case in my favor. Ultimately I was awarded a settlement greater than ten times what I originally requested from my spouse. Meakins is not your average law firm—they are family.
— Lattice A